Friday, October 16, 2009

A little more of CMW

CMw put this diaper on her bear all by herself.
Isn't she talented and she was so proud of this too.
She loves her daddy!
She's ready to go hiking!!
We were downstairs working on laundry and she found the back pack and got her baby in and got ready. Clipped the waste belt that's on the floor and got the straps on her shoulders and she was ready! Photo opp! :-)
And for our MOMS Club harvest party we dressed up as a ballerina. She was one last year too but this year it was more fun for mom. I made her tutu and we put the rest of the outfit together by her already owned items. Tights from ggg aunt Jeanie, shoes from maga Paula, let warmers from gg. g'ma Kay and the shirt a hand-me-down.
It's a pretty good costume, is it?
I'll try to get another picture closer to Halloween for the full effect. :-)
CMW was working on decorating a pumpkin with stickers and markers.

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mattanderin said...

It's so cute how she loves any kind of baby carrier! I couldn't believe how long she played with that car seat the other night!!!