Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation reading

Well, I say vacation but I am not sure it is one. I'm single parenting, have been at three houses in four days (by choice), I won't lie, it has been a little hectic. Now that we are at our final destination for the rest of the week, it has seemed to be a bit more peaceful.  Cheers!

What I can say is this book, "glitter and glue' by Kelly Corrigan is a good, simple read!  A memoir of a girl, heading out to travel around the world, get's stalled in Australia and then finds herself a nanny job. Through her job figures out why her mom has used the term 'glitter and glue'.  It came out this year, 2014 and reminds me of what I use to read when in high school. I'm glad I picked it up from the library before we left!

Happy Reading! 

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