Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Boy

I love this little man of ours!  He arrived April 2013, He is pure fun! He introduced to us, a few weeks ago how to be a climber, he is starting to telling us what is on his mind, directing us with hand motions.  He is understanding baby sign language and I just love to see him use it.  He also pushes everything with wheels! 

Today he was climbing the slide in our back yard! He would get up to the top and sit down, turn onto his belly, slide down, get up, walk the long way around the swing set and do it all over again.  He was having!  I Love him to pieces.  

I  asked for a smile, here he is! (15 mos)

I made these for him last night.  I love creating garments for my children.
This boy has had more booties made for him then my two girls put together.
Material: Modern Textiles of Fargo ND

He just bumped his head, he was not to excited about that.
He gave it a rub, a  little mumble to let me know it didn't feel good and was on his way. 

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