Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our 18 mo. old!

Our Eleanore is now 18 months. Where does the time go?  She is busy climbing, eating very independently, starting to put cloths on all by herself and she loves shoes! When you can't find the girl, look in among the shoes, you'll find her. She likes her tea set, pushing cars or sending then down a card board tub (a heavy duty cardboard tub from a roll of upholstery.).  She very much enjoys outside even if it's to cold. I found out this week that she does not like falling over. She gets stuck and can't get up on her own. I think it's a feeling of being stuck that she does not like. She gets a kick out of the chickens, dog and our cat.  She is very high on the motor skills but speech is minimal.  Her words: ouch, whoa, wow, mama, daddy, please (in the form of 'wee,wee,wee' and using the sign language sign), more, all done have signs too. Tickle is in there vaguely and so is eew or icky. We think she says aqua for water even though I don't use it to often and either does she. But my thought was, If aqua was easier to say, then I'd start her out on that.  
She is sleeping at night quite well and is out of her crib.  We spent a week battling her climbing out multiple times a night and gave in.  She stays in bed pretty well too, but i do believe that nap time is a bit shorter since she slightly wakes up and then gets up vs. in a crib she'd wake up and then realize she was stuck and fall back to sleep.  Since moving her from her crib, her longest nap has been 2.25 hr compared to a good 3. But   I am thankful that she is napping and we can have a little down time.  

The sensory oatmeal bin we created!  Eleanore loved playing with it and needed to try with her feet too.


Jan. 9th, we were out riding bikes. Roughly 50 degrees with a little wind. 

Obviously done with taking a bath... enough said. (New Years weekend)

Eleanore styling her babies hair. 

EW in her picnic basket, she enjoys getting in and out of containers. 

EW must of  thought something was funny.  Here she is with baby O, Jim's nephew and the momma auntie C. 

Until Next Time
- Lexie ><>  

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