Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A mid winter trip.

We just got back from a mini winter trip to the Twin Cities and it was delightful. 2.5 days packed with lots of visiting and we still managed to catch up on sleep. :) It truly was delightful! 

We were able to visit Jim's brother and SIL and see the new baby.  He is a very sweet baby boy. The girls enjoyed visiting him too.  We got to see their house too. Very nice. 

Saturday evening, we had a wonderful dinner with Lexie's aunt and uncle, g'ma and her friend. We were able to  celebrated two birthdays. :) One turned 29 and the other 60.  You can guess who's 60 right?  

Sunday we managed to get to church, shop, esp. for material (Oh, Happy Day) and the evening we shared a meal with a cousin of Lexie and her family.  We got to see their bea.u.ti.ful house.  It's larger then I ever want but it is just so spacious, a great view including a pond, room for the kids to grow, and so many fun little perks.  It sure makes me want a bigger house, completely finished and everything I really would like (extra rooms, my own sewing space, exercise room, walk out, LOTS of light (meaning many windows), and the girls very own play nook), but then I come back to realty and see how our house is wonderful, it works great for us, and we have such a small amount to pay off, it would be ridiculous for use to move. 

Monday, we slept in as much as we could and made our way to S.R. Harris, a fabric outlet. I was really looking for leather for my booties but I did walk out of there with some amazing flannel and cotton.  After our excursion at the fabric store and our girls behaved just amazingly, we headed out of the cities. We stopped at Lexie's aunts and uncle to get some fabulous home made soap and go to our destination: home by 6pm.  

I'd throw in some pictures but non to be had.  Here's to a good week of getting back to a schedule and some serious sewing done!   

Until Next Time
- Lexie ><> 


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Krisanne said...

Sounds like a great little trip! Yay for fun family vacations! Love you!