Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's my birthday !!

Or should I say my birthday week, so I decided to write a bit about me, which won't be difficult. I always have something I can spit out, regardless if it's interesting or not.  Here we go!

The 15th, my birthday was wonderful.  We attended church in the am and I was a greeter, then we came home for pizza.  Home made and delicious!  I got EW down for a nap and was out the door!  Well, not quite. I did take a cat nap in between EW napping and leaving to go shopping. :) A girl needs to be rested up for a little shopping, right? Anyway, on my way to town, my girlfriend Kat called me and asked if I could stop over later that night to look at a window and decided what we could do about curtains. I said sure. (remember this for later)
While I was out, I was able to hit up a thrift store, a few shoe stores, find my girls white long sleeve shirts for pictures, the fabric store for goodies, found myself a new pair of winter boots (Waa-Hoo!) and after all that, I went to church for the semi-annual women's event.  The evening was wonderful; fellowship, God stories from fellow women at church and worship to our Heavenly Father!  Completely wonderful! Then I made my way to Kat's, you know, to check out that window for curtain ideas. Oh, no! That was just a scheme between her and my husband and a few other friends for a SURPRISE party.  And yes, I was surprised, completely.  I even walked into the house and saw a 'birthday cake' with a spread on the counter and decorations and still didn't tie it all in. Note: It was Kat's birthday two days before mine and I assumed it was just her decorations. :)  I went upstairs to check out the room and what do you know, a large awesome group of people were there!  Oh what fun it was!  My girls had fun yelling surprise and blowing party ca-zoo's along with everyone else!

Today is Monday and it has been one of the best Monday's I have had a in a long time, it feels great!

What else have I been up to, you guessed it. Sewing, hanging out with my girls and those domestic duties that I signed up for.

Booties for little ones. 

                                    Boots for Me. 

 The awesome cutting mat with a small rotary cutter from Jim for Christmas! 

Small clutch.
Western Dress-up for niece G. 

             One of two poncho's for my girls. 

 Burlap wreath for the Christmas season. I cut 4" squares, folded and pinned to a styrofoam circle. 

The girls and I are busy with Christmas toys, playing outside with 50 degree weather until recently, creating sensory boxes, laundry, cooking, cookie baking and much more.  

 Until next time,
       Lexie ><> 

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog- you keep me feeling creative and energized. I think your enthusiasm for life is very contagious. I enjoy sewing as well, though I'm at a bit of a frustrating state between what I want to do, the amount of time I have, and my skill level never quite matching up. In any case, you inspire me to keep moving forward! Hope you are well, and a very Happy Birthday!

Karen Gutzman (from AMR)