Saturday, April 9, 2011

The What ?

What have the Waa's been up to?

The Waa's are always thinking of something, creating, engineering, cleaning, feeding, playing, fixing, sewing, practicing, giggling, planning, helping, sharing and the list goes on.
Let's start with what takes up most of Jim's day: work. His 7-5 work day and Friday's he home by noon. Yea for us!!! Especially CMW because when her dad is home, she is attached to his hip. I'm sure he likes this but some days it's just a little over kill. He continues to play guitar and always drum up something new to engineer / design. In December he found a repairable van to fix. A pretty simple fix, some creative ways to make it happen and it's done. We are waiting for an inspection and then I'll be added to the group of 'mini van drivin' mama'. I'm super okay with this since I want to carry my stroller and groceries at the same time (some the Mitzi does not do very well) and one day hold friends of my children. Jim also has the itch to build again, so he is working on (in his mind) how to build a swing set for our girls. Nope, he can't just find the best deal, buy it and put it together, he is going to engineer one and build it this summer. Or at least this is his hope.
Now for the lady who is 'head of domestic affairs and poultry'. Yes, the new batch of chicks are here. Along with keeping up with the girls and her ear appointments, (they are getting old but need to be done.) Lexie is reading a few good books, decorating at church, teaching piano, sewing capes, aprons, diapers, dresses and of course the feed bags and finishing up her bible study from this winter/spring semester.
Claire who is 3 and is turning into quite the girl, does an awesome job with her little sister. She is working on matching, we match everything, color to color, object to object, it's always turning in her brain. She is also learning to take turns while playing Candy Land. (her mama found it for $1.79 while out thrifting, nice!) Her kitty Sage is still a pretty good friend, even with all those scratches. I think Sage is waiting for her to figure it out, when she snarls or bats at her, to just leave her alone. This has yet to happen.
Eleanore is going on 9 months, oh where does the time go? She is a mover, good at balancing, free standing, pulls up, explorer, and little bit mischievous. And she eats, it seems she can eat and eat and eat. It must be those 4 teeth she has. I run out of ideas of what to feed her, since we make mine our own food which right now isn't that tricky, she is eating non-pureed items. I do need to be careful of allergy foods and lay off from dairy and grains.
And besides the chicks, we have one more furry friend to add to our family. Her name is Macy and she is a Pug/Boston Terrier mix.

So, there ya'll have it, The 'what' of the Waa's. We are here, alive and since we know how to keep ourselves busy, we are practicing laying low and just hanging out as a family.

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