Friday, April 8, 2011

We are adding to the family!

Meet Macy
the newest member of our family. A Pub/Boston Terrier mix and boy Am. I. excited! We welcome her to our home with lots of love in hopes we can do the same for her as The Erhardts have in the past. You see, this family, our friends, will be moving to Africa in a few short months to start a baby home and I asked if my family could be put on 'the list' of options for Macy. I am a huge fan of receiving an animal that needs a new home vs. an animal that I need to start from the beginning with. I also appreciate the fact that I will know the history of the animal. We tried her out for a weekend, we visited her at her house, I asked countless questions and then we talked and talked and prayed over this decision. And now she is ours which is exciting but I feel for Lindsay and her family as it's a hard decision to make. But they are trying to make one transition at a time and this is one of the many.
So, here we are, 6 days into having Macy as our own. As we make her family, we are learning and loving this new furry friendship. Macy loves to play fetch or frisbee (this is bonus for Jim), she is a little chubby so the lap dog part doesn't goes over well yet. But she really would love to snuggle and be loved on as much as one can give. Macy does pretty well on walks but Lexie thinks she can improve, so we'll be working on this. She is good with the girls, she's snorter, a grunter, she listens very well, and always is excited to see you when you come home. Oh, did i mention her bark is super cute? It's soft but loud enough, kind of like it's muffled. The only down side, she adds to my dust bunnies that run around my house, I guess the vacuum will be getting a bit more use. :-)

Miss Macy is going to be a great addition to our family and we are glad to call her ours!

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Laura K said...

Oh my goodness that is so cool! I know you've been wanting a dog for a long time. She sounds wonderful. I hope the transition continues to go smoothly and Ms. E keeps her little fingers out of Macy's water dish!