Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Doll house every girl wants ...

It's it just so cool?
There are even chair cushions, table cloth, bedding and the people can really bend at the knees and sit. :-}

CMW spends a lot of time playing with this little house and actually pretends to play. If it was me as a kid, I would have only practiced setting up each little room over and over in different arrangements. Hence why I rearrange my own living room 4 times a year and all the other rooms of my house!

She gives the people baths and puts them to bed. We talk about each room and what goes in them. She has a great time! And we only try to play when EKW is sleeping since she does not like when Miss E gets in the way, but that little sister just can't resist checking out her stuff.
I'm am sure some of you can relate to this, right?

All the items out to be put in, each day we start like this. Once we are done, we pick up each piece to make sure no little ones are left for EKW!

Thanks Auntie JK & Auntie JW for this great gift!!


Sarah said...

I love that she's wearing her pjs under the dress - very C-Waa!

Lexie said...

actually they are capri pants that are purple with flowers!

Laura K said...

Wow! That is such an incredibly nice dollhouse...I want one! For, uh, Kylie of course. :)