Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lori Line

This is just something that needs to be shared, I was invited to a Lori Line Concert! Yes, Lori Line and if you don't know who she is, well then you just need to get acquainted with her. She moved to MN from Utah and at some point started playing piano for Dayton's during the holiday season. And I was even privileged to see her play one year at the South Dale Mall. It's crazy, to think that I've been 3 ft. from this amazing lady. And then Lori got this idea to record a Christmas album and Dayton's put this album in their stores. And from that, she started composing her own pieces of traditional Christmas music and it elaborated into the Pop Chamber Orchestra and started to travel for 6 weeks or more before Christmas & waa-bam she's a huge hit with sell outs ever where. She is just so cool! But I think I'm bias since she is MN based and I love playing her music.
Well, this concert all happened about 3 weeks ago and I am still in awe of her wonderful talent and show. So, how did I get invited? Well, my girlfriend Gail asked if I was available because she had 2 tickets; and boy was I available, I pushed everything to the side to go with Gail and listen to some quality, edge of your seat piano playing. I was overly excited because Jim and I always talk about going and then talk ourselves out of it since it's about $40 bucks a person. We even got to sit in the balcony which Gail and I much prefer over main floor.
The host was the NDSU Concert Hall and it's small compared the usual host of the Fargo Dome or Concordia's Field House. But this year is special because it's Lori Line's 20th year of being on the road for her Christmas tour. She had 5 other musicians with her, an acoustic/electric/mandolin player, base/string base player, trombone/tuba player, violin/fiddler player (which was only 18 and still in high school, he was amazing; WOW is all you can say about his talent and abilities), the drums player & Lori Line's husband is the host of the show. Usually it's Lori Line and her Pop Chamber Orchestra but since this was her 20th year, she decided to make it more special "Lori Line and her Fab Five' and that's one reason her shows are smaller too. It was a great show of interaction, they performed the 12 Days of Christmas and children from the audience went on stage to help with each 'day', costumes and all. Lori Line also took favorite songs from the audience and right there put the songs into one large performance. It was totally amazing and I know that most musicians can do this but do it on the spot and 1/2 of the songs I'm pretty sure weren't even hers like 'smoke on the water' or a 'Bon Jovi' hit song but that is what I call talented and it was great.
Gail and I had a great time and we got to enjoy a whole 3 hours of her lovely concert. I say a big thank you to Gail for the invitation and if you get a chance to see one of her concerts, GO!! You won't regret and I now believe it's totally worth the money, even though we went for free.

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