Friday, March 27, 2009

The Flood Near Us Part: 2

It just amazes me how water spreads out and takes over in just a small amount of time.  When I think of it though, H2O spilt from a glass goes everywhere too, so i shouldn't be shocked, but still, I am.  I think due to the large quantity of water and no quick way to clean it up is the shocking part of it all.  I have good comparison pictures now of the area by us so you can actually see the waters and what they are doing. 

This is Friday 3/27 and the mighty Maple River is all over the place. The corn fields are no where in site.  The river is taking over so much more then the eye can see from the road, it's Crazy! 

This is Tuesday 3/24, when the weather was warmer and you can still see the corn field from the flood waters.  

This is Friday 3/27 after about 7 inches of snow on Wednesday. It's hard to see but the Rush river has actually gone down some and the water isn't touching the bridge. Needless to say, this road is out of commission! 

This was Tuesday 3/24 when it was warm and sunny and the water was running high. 

So with our tired bodies getting a rest... until clean-up, we are praying for our dear friends who live on the river and have the stress of watching and waiting until the river goes down. And know that we don't need to stress, God is in control and only gives what we can handle.  Which is easier said then done!   

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