Friday, March 20, 2009

The Change...

Now that I have figured out my blog, I've made some changes!  From "4 scores and flying daggers" thanks to JW to "the Who,What, Where, of the Waa's".  It's official, my blog has started and more is to come.  :-) 

So, I am super excited about my blog and excited to keep it updated for other to read what we're up to.  And for my far away family and friends to have a glance of our lives when they want to.  

And for the fun of the day... CW and I went outside to enjoy the sunshine & the 1st Day of Spring! And did a bit of chalk drawing on the driveway.  Yes, CW is in a snowsuit but it's still the 1st day of Spring! 

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Joyful Living said...

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOGGING!!!!!! I can't wait to read all about you guys!!!! tip: for fun backgrounds go to