Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Big, it's Brown and it's Comfy.

So I found this re-purposed piece of furniture at Eco Chic Boutique here in Fargo and thought it was lovely. 
I went to look again and of course it was sold. It's not something I need and as you can see it isn't very functional as a dresser but in person it sure is beautiful.    

So the same day, Mr. JAW calls me about some furniture that is an incredible deal and sends me a few pictures. 
So here it is, it's Big, it's Brown large corduroy microfiber and it sure is Comfy!  
 I think we now have a little to much furniture for our living room but I won't complain, I have new furniture!  Waa-Hoo!  
I can now use my creative juices and move the small items out or just get rid of them!  
It makes a world of difference when there isn't a lot 'clutter'. 

Now the joke is, 'I asked for a dresser and came home with new living room furniture!'

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