Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrating five years!

It was our five year anniversary this last Friday (9/9/11) and we had a wonderful time. I felt like the day was not going to end but it was certainly fun.

We found ourselves a sitter and the way we went. For lunch and a massage that is. It was great. Then we did some shopping since shopping with out kids is always enjoyable (at least for me.)!

Our evening plans found us at the company picnic celebrating 40 years. So while we had our afternoon to ourselves, I wanted to attend the picnic so we did. Wanzek always does a great job with their annual picnic and last year we missed it. Our girls had a blast with big blow up games, face painting and balloon characters.

Here is CMW with her 'puppy face paint' and her pink puppy balloon and EKW flower balloon.

At this link is one of my favorite wedding pictures. Take a look! :-)

Just thought i'd share how fantastic our day was and make a post for the memory books!

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