Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Day Before

And here is the story of 'The Day Before' since some friends think it's crazy what I don't go though when it comes to labor and delivery.
On Thursday the 1st of July, it was the 1st time I had seen my doctor since the end of April. ( Dr. H needed to take some time off.) And I was a bit worried that she was not coming back, but she did. So I managed to squeeze into her schedule to see her and was told 'all is good' and I was dilated to 5 cm (Dr. H couldn't quite believe this, but I was). Even though I was at 5 cm and didn't know really how I felt or how quickly i'd continue to dilate or if I was imagining contractions and if I could even feel them. I decided to make plans. CMW and I went home for a nap and then headed back to town for a swim at the pool. My good friend Paula, who was up unannounced, called to let me know she was going and I wanted to see her before she left. It was nice to be in the sun and C enjoyed the water and playmates!
Once at home, I was trying to convince myself not to worry about getting to the hospital, that we'd make it or about the contractions that I didn't know if I was imagining or not. So, why not get some sewing done right? I made a pillow case for a friends daughter that I picked up earlier that day & then played a game of Settlers. After heading to bed and trying to relax, I woke up at 4:30 to what I thought was my water leaking but no contractions and decided to head to the hospital. I didn't know if it was my water but it seemed to be in the right description of water leaking but now that I look back, I think I 'jumped the gun'. Reason be, my doctor was concerned that I would not make it since CMW's delivery was so quick and this honestly worried me. So, we got to the hospital by 5 ish and according to the test at the hospital, my water had not broken or even leaked. So, what ever, we were there and we weren't leaving and the rest of the story is here!

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